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Offbeats & Backbeats is a unique drumming method aimed at providing the absolute essentials for those just starting out on the drums in a clear and logical way. Based on exercises and experiences cultivated from over 15 years of teaching and 20 years of performing, Offbeats & Backbeats covers basic reading, drum grooves, fills, hi-hat openings, ghost notes, and more with the ultimate goal of having the student understanding and playing music (not just drums) as quickly and efficiently as possible. The fundamentals of rock, funk, jazz, blues, soul, and reggae drumming are covered with transcriptions to help the student visualize what they are hearing on recordings.

52 pages, spiral bound, illustrations by Camilla Schaeffer.

$20 if purchased in person, $25 for shipped copies (US only).

To order a copy or for more information please send an email to

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