Whether on the road touring with some of the nation's top acts, laying down session work in the studio, or mentoring students of all levels, Andrew Guterman brings passion, professionalism, and unique personal style to every project he undertakes.

Andy Poxon weekend 

Tonight and tomorrow I have the privilege of performing with Andy Poxon, a very talented and very young guitar player and singer. I also have the privilege of performing at The Hamilton in Washington DC tonight. We'll be opening for Tom Principato's Blues Explosion featuring Big Joe Maher, Bill Heid, and Steve Wolf. Definitely not to be missed. Tomorrow we're at Bare Bones in Ellicott City, a great little barbeque place in Howard County. And of course this Sunday and every Sunday I'll be at Ulah Bistro with Superior Cling playing jazz, funk, and whatever else we feel like playing from 12-3. Come out and enjoy some great music!

New site! 

Hello and welcome to my new site! I decided it was time for a change as updating the old site was pretty tedious and thus it didn't happen as often as it should have. I'll try to keep this one updated more and that includes utilizing this blog to post what's going on and what I'm thinking about.

This site is still very new and I'm working on getting more quality audio and video as I don't have much that is recent and that accurately portrays how I currently sound. In the meantime any feedback is welcome and encouraged. Thanks for stopping by and here's some music I've been listening to recently!