Whether on the road touring with some of the nation's top acts, laying down session work in the studio, or mentoring students of all levels, Andrew Guterman brings passion, professionalism, and unique personal style to every project he undertakes.

The weekend starts on Wednesday 

I get really lazy when I'm sick which is exactly what happened with the past two weeks. Ok so I was actually sick for about one week, but the laziness carried over through the second one. What I failed to comment on during that time was some pretty cool gigs including two sets at the Trail's End Blues Festival with Flatfoot Sam and Bad Influence followed by an early afternoon appearance at the Safeway BBQ Battle with Andy Poxon, and then back to back appearances at The Cat's Eye Pub with Johnny & the Headhunters and Pete Kanaras & the Hi-Flyers. That's ok though because I have a very busy weekend and it all starts on Wednesday!

This Wednesday (7/6), I'll be at the Londontowne Pub with Robert Frahm and Wolf Crescenze for the blues jam and on Thursday I'll be at the beautiful Galazio Restaurant with the Hot Buttered Nuggets, where I'll be sampling some of the best Greek food in the area. On Friday Superior Cling is making a special appearance at Star Spangled Manor, an evening of art and music at the GallAerie in Mt. Pleasant, and on Saturday I'll be at Dean & Deluca in Georgetown for an afternoon of hot jazz and then at Jojo Restaurant on U St. for some more modern jazz with the Kaleidoscope Trio. And of course I'll back back at Ulah Bistro on Sunday to close it out.

What I'm really looking forward to is a short tour in August with my friend Isaac Gillespie and his band The Due Diligence our of Brooklyn, NY. I'll make sure I post the dates when I get them but if you want to hear some real raw indie/classic rock, you don't want to miss Isaac. Anyway, enjoy the weekend and enjoy some good music!

Blues! And some thoughts. 

Don't ask me how but for some reason my love of ska, reggae, and jazz made me into a very in-demand blues drummer, and that's fine with me. Although very different from eachother, I think all genres have commonalities, including the many varieties of subgenres and the accompanying scenes attached to them. For example, the guys playing and listening to rocksteady and early reggae don't hang out with the guys playing more "modern" reggae, just like how country blues musicians and fans don't really go out to the electric blues shows, and vice versa. Why does this happen? Just something I think about sometimes.

Speaking of blues, I'm playing a lot of it this week starting tomorrow (Wednesday 6/17) with Flatfoot Sam & the Educated Fools at Barley & Hops in Frederick. Sam has put together a hell of a band featuring Pete Kanaras, Tam Sullivan and Harry Werner. Friday I'm at the James Rouse Theater in Columbia with Andy Poxon where we're opening for the Blind Boys of Alabama. Needless to say I'm pretty excited about that. On Saturday Jimmy Adler is coming down from Pittsburgh for a stop at the Cat's Eye with me and Pete Kanaras, and finally on Sunday I'm back at Ulah Bistro with Superior Cling for some great jazz, funk and more played very quietly.


I finally got around to adding most of my dates for June and July and there will definitely be more. This summer you can catch me with Andy Poxon, Pete Kanares, Superior Cling, Flatfoot Sam, The Hot Buttered Nuggets, Jimmy Adler, White Loafer, and some people who don't even know it yet! Tomorrow in particular is special as I will be making my first appearance at The Birchmere with Andy Poxon, opening for Samantha Fish. That's it for now, see you around!

Andy Poxon weekend 

Tonight and tomorrow I have the privilege of performing with Andy Poxon, a very talented and very young guitar player and singer. I also have the privilege of performing at The Hamilton in Washington DC tonight. We'll be opening for Tom Principato's Blues Explosion featuring Big Joe Maher, Bill Heid, and Steve Wolf. Definitely not to be missed. Tomorrow we're at Bare Bones in Ellicott City, a great little barbeque place in Howard County. And of course this Sunday and every Sunday I'll be at Ulah Bistro with Superior Cling playing jazz, funk, and whatever else we feel like playing from 12-3. Come out and enjoy some great music!

New site! 

Hello and welcome to my new site! I decided it was time for a change as updating the old site was pretty tedious and thus it didn't happen as often as it should have. I'll try to keep this one updated more and that includes utilizing this blog to post what's going on and what I'm thinking about.

This site is still very new and I'm working on getting more quality audio and video as I don't have much that is recent and that accurately portrays how I currently sound. In the meantime any feedback is welcome and encouraged. Thanks for stopping by and here's some music I've been listening to recently!


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